Marketing in Kingston is All About Targeting the Right Customers

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July 17, 2014
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Marketing in Kingston is All About Targeting the Right Customers

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If you own or operate a business in Kingston you have likely come across some marketing challenges through traditional marketing efforts in recent years. Do you find that marketing campaigns and media that used to work wonders in the past are barely generating any new customers for you? This is because the marketplace has changed significantly and customers have more choices and ability to quickly comparison shop on the go plus every customer is bombarded with similar offers from hundreds of sources. Instead of thinking in the ways of traditional marketing where you send the same message through a few channels to cover the mass customer base, it is much better to refine your marketing efforts and target a specific demographic that matches up with your current customers. That is to say that by focusing your efforts on a clearly identified segment of the population then you are going to have a higher rate of success at converting those prospects into customers.

Take a Targeted Approach to Marketing

Using this targeted approach will be more economical and more efficient at landing new sales. Because people are sent hundreds of offers daily using the old “mass database” approach, people have become conditioned at deleted and discarding messages and not retaining any of the information seen on the flyer. This means you’ll be paying a lot of money to reach thousands of people when a very small fraction are actually interested. Instead if you find marketing options and methods that target just the smaller demographic that are actually interested in your products and services then you will spend less overall even if you are spending more per customer because the entire campaign size will be smaller and the return on your investment will be higher considering the much higher conversion rate.

Printing Shark Kingston can Help

We are a special service provider which takes the burden off of your shoulders and offers you a result oriented range of marketing strategies which are customized to promote your business in a better way. The two most important questions in this regard are:

1. What print promotional material is to be used to expand the business?

2. How to reach the target audience more efficiently and expeditiously?

The promotional material you use to get your message out can vary and we have many options that can help achieve your goals. We are happy to review these choices with you from door hangers and postcards to other promotional items that can help you stand out such as custom mugs, fridge magnets, and more. Once the specific product is chosen, we move on to step two which is choosing the correct target audience for your Kingston marketing campaign. Reaching the target audience is a special task which cannot be done easily. Also not every company has the capacity to go all out and spend huge chunks of money in online promotions and thus the requirement of devising a marketing strategy that fits the budget is critical.

The most valuable advice in regard to the marketing strategy is to target the customers on one to one basis. This can be done by incorporating variable data. The data addresses to the specific requirement of a particular gender, age, career, or any other quality that can very well address to the individual customer.

The promotional materials are also many in numbers and they can be molded into items which are promotional and these can be the pens, ball caps, coffee mugs etc.

At Printing Shark Kingston, the goal is to provide the most positive, transparent and effective Direct Marketing services for our customers in the most cost-effective manner which is also result oriented. We implement all stages of a direct marketing campaign like Direct mail, graphic design, copywriting, printing, content coordination, mailing and fulfillment. We are a one-stop shop where we can create and produce your printed & digital marketing materials for your next campaign that will target the right prospects and generate the highest return on your investment.

Give us a call today to discuss your next print job in Kingston and your marketing campaign that you want to generate superior results!

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